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    So I think I may have figured out part my poor accuracy equation! Last night I watched a video by a former navy seal explaining the difference between look through the sights and focusing on the sights. He claimed that if your aim had a lot of wobble , you were looking through your sights. But if you focus on the sights (mainly the front sight ) , everything else but what is Whittington your point of aim will basically disappear. Don't know this to be true , but I might be going to the range this week to figure it out. The other parts are muzzle rise and eyesight.
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    When I go to the range, the only thing I focus on is the front sight. Your rear sights will become blurry along with your target. However the bullet will go where the front sight is aligned to. Be aware of trigger squeeze and breathing. Take in a deep breath and slowly exhaust approximately half of the air and slowly pull the trigger straight back. You must lock in your rear hand, wrist and left hand (if you are right handed). If you focus on both front and rear sights, you will miss your target. Do not extend your breathing nor try to hold it too long or you will suffer from blood flowing to your eyes. Prolonged target squeeze is also a no no. You are new to this and many things to learn. Learn the correct hold, stance and breathing first and worry about the bulls eye hit later. Timing is everything.


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    When I was working as a range officer I had a lot of luck getting younger shooters to not worry about bulls eyes until they could shoot a tight group. I would get them to just fire a shot on the back of a target and try to get all the shots through the same hole. Starting at three yards then as groups tightened move the target back another five yards.;)
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    Thanks Oldhand ! The range has yard markings starting at 7 and so I had been wondering where I should start. You answered my question before I asked it. Very cool!