Florida's 'stand your ground' modification

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by VThillman, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Here is a link to an MSN article about a modification to the Florida law, currently in the FL legislature. I believe the legislation is valid, under the 'presumption of innocence' standard.


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    I am sure there have been many cases in stand your ground that the shooters were prosecuted because some DA went by his opinion rather than proof of guilt. That again is the bad guy seeming to have more favor than the good guy. Having to prove your innocence is backward from how a DA is supposed to look at any case.

    I just read an article from CCW Safe about when you can show your gun. Brandishing a gun as a scare tactic is a no no. You only pull/show your gun when it is your last option for defending your life. A heated argument or some other non life threatening situation isn't stand your ground intention. You basically don't pull your gun without intention of pulling the trigger to save your life. According to CCW they have so many times had to go to court because one of their members brandished a gun and the other person called police that a person had threatened them with a gun. The DA will most likely go with the first caller and then you have to prove you felt you were in a life threatened situation.

    People really should look at the NDAA and see how innocent before proven guilty doesn't exist. I just read that NSA is going to be getting even more invasive in airport screenings. The 4th has been erased from the parchment it seems. All in the name of protecting us. What a scam on the citizens. Perhaps the SCOTUS should have a look at these unconstitutional acts as well.

    Yes this modification needs to be highly considered.