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fisherman try beating this

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Okay you big bad bragging fisherman with your boat, net, pole, hook and squiggle bait let's see you do this. Just give this fisher some bread and it is soon dinner time.
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My reflexes aren't fast enough. :D
My tennis elbow keeps me from being able to do that. I suppose many old guys their false teeth would be on the bottom of the lake.
Imagine bobbing for apples if the apples could swim.
If that dog had thumbs he could outdraw Doc Holiday.
I was such a good fisherman that I had to stand behind a tree to even hook my bait. The fish would hollar "take me Tommy, take me". I once hooked onto a catfish that was so big that he swam by my boat and opened his mouth. It was so big that he swam into another circle and swallowed himself.

I also have some beachfront property in Arizona for sale if anybody is interested:D

I need to a train a dog to do that,

I'm even too lazy to fish.

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With that lake and you don't even fish it? How big have those pups gotten?
I didn't tell ya .
Waylon and Willie went out on their own.

About 2 months ago I started leaving the out all day to run and play , and swim.....That was cool .

So , I started letting them stay out overnite... that was cool for about 2 weeks, They were fine sleeping under the back porch, once in a while they would wake me , barking at a possum, ****, skunk,
That's cool,

Then one morning about a month ago I got up , they always come on the back porch for breakfast, but they don't show up.

We drove the whole area looking ,

Haven't seen them since.
That's been about a month ago, I don't think I'm going to get another.

Its just too hard,

btw, they were about 60lbs each, and totally different personality.

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Who knows they might just show up some morning for breakfast.
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