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My first outing with the LNIB LCP.

A sunny but not so scorching hot day for once in two or three weeks.

The Snake River was down low and the drive was very nice.

We brought the LCP, LCR, a nice 686, a 870 and one fine stainless Rossi .357 lever gun.

The LCP had more recoil with the Blazer Brass FMJ than the Hornady FTX.

Both were no problem to control the .380 as we peppered the target.

I shot first and my fist round was COM. the next 5 also did very well.

My buddy shot it rapid fire and was amazed that it didn't kick nearly as much as
his lone .380 the infamous Grendel!

I'm told that the Kahr .380 kicks even less, but I guess because it is an ounce or two heavier?

This LCP seemed to has a the shorter, improved trigger over my old one with the CT Laser,
but still has the older type slide.

I canted the pistol as I sometimes do.. and was able to see the sights better and also get good hits.

Orange or green paint might be the ticket for the very faint ramp, if I don't opt for Ruger to send me
a new slide that is.

I still don't think that a tiny front dot will be as nice as the Kahr or even PICO sights, not to metnion..
those of
the SIG .380s.

Anyhow, we had fun shooting the Rossi .357 and the old 870.

The KLCR .357 came out and I had some fun shooting both Hornady and Remington 125 grain 38+P.

A very fun day!


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Looks like a great day at the range....good report.....
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