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    Went to the range today and fired my 9mm and .45 and did something I never thought of doing. I wore my reading glasses just to see how I would do. The front sight was clear as a bell however the target was a little more blurry than expected, however I could see the bulls eye. The red dot in the bulls eye was really blurry and the 10 ring was also however I just focused on my front sight. I think the 10 ring is about 3" and I kept them (all except) for 5 in the 10 ring. Had 5 fliers that landed in the 7 ring. The 9mm I kept them in the 10 ring except for 4 that went into the 9 ring. I was shooting @25 feet. Took a little while to get used to and I am sure that it will take more time. All said, it turned out to be a good day. Course any day at the range is a good day (except for the heat we are having). I was doing double taps all through my exercises.

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    So was that better than what you do normally? My sight with reading glasses on would make distances really blurry. My old glasses actually make distances blurry also. I don't even wear my glasses anymore for distance since my sight has gotten better. Reading is another story, I need 1.25 for reading. I am like you in that anything past my front sight would be blurry with them on,

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    My readers are 1.50 so my eyes up close are a little worse shape than yours. I do notice that street signs are becoming a little more difficult to read however Mesa has terrible street signs with very little lighting at night. I could see the red bulls eye however it was really blurring. I set the top of my sight right on the top of the red dot and was hitting middle or some at 6 o'clock. I have a tendency to take out the target on the 3 o'clock side and I have never adjusted my windage. I know I may have to do that but I gotta buy a brass punch before I do that or have a gunsmith tap it for me. That could also be not enough grip on my strong hand but doubtful.
    I will try again next week Buster and see how it turns out. I know if a BG approached I won't have time to put my readers on unless he is a blind man too!!!!

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    The service always taught clear sights slightly blurred target. If I tilt my head back using my bifocal on the sights I get the same sight picture you described, gives me a kink in the neck after a while. Now that I am shooting at an indoor range I also used this technique. Shooting outside I can see the sights fine through the top of my glasses. The lighting in the range hits the sights wrong making the sights blurred.:eek:
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    They also make shooting glasses with a "reader power" band across the top and you can also get them with a clear opposite lense. Supposed to make sights clear and target clear with opposite.