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This gun is like new and came with 2 Colt marked GI mags. Got it off a guy at a gunshow last weekend. He had it and a Mossy 500 field gun in 12 gauge, both like new for 5 bills. He could not sell either, so I offered 3 for both. He took 220 for the Firestorm and would not come down enough on the shotgun.

The gun is pretty much a 1911 except for an external extractor. The takedown and internals are the same and it even takes GI mags. The gun is 2 tone. Stainless or nickle frame and a bright blue slide. Sights are higher than GI type, but do not have whit4e dots. The gun appears to be very much like dmy old Llama .45 pistol of the 80s and 90s. The made in Spain and RSR imprter mark pretty much makes me believe I am right.

I had both the .380 and .45 cal Llamas back then and they were very much 1911ish guns. Ihad no problems with those or this gun using 230 gr. hardball. No malfunctions. Guss it sells better with the "Firestorm" name. It was very accurate also. Very much like the old ones I had. It also accepted and worked with the 8 round aftermarket mags I had for my 1911s. Got it for a swapper, but I might just keep it and dump another 9 mil.

Sorry no pics.
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