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Finger Pinching Gun

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I have a mark III and the bolt is a finger pinching sucker if allowed to close easy all the way. There are hunting situations where no noise is only acceptable. Is there a solution for this other than modifying it with my bench grinder and or my Dremil.
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I've seen some bolt assist "handles" (for lack of a better word) that have been recommended to people with arthritis, etc. Search the word "Tandemkross" which is the company that makes them and that should (I hope) get you some info on an assist you can hold onto a bit better.

Good luck.
That's the one I meant! I get 'em confused. I knew one of those guys made a bolt racker addition for Mk pistols and I got the wrong one. I'm gonna blame it on MY age kickin' in! ;) Thanks for getting it correct for me (us).
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