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I have been looking at the MOA receiver for a long time now and just waiting for the day I could acquire one. I bought mine with the GreenMountain barrel due to the wait period on the other more expensive barrels (6 weeks).
This build has all KIDD internals (including Two Stage Trigger ) except the charging Handle (JWH) and a Revolution Stock, Tasco varmint Target 10X40-50 Scope with Sun Shade. I opened up the barrel channel to free float the barrel all the way to the receiver ( 4 sheets of paper thickness easily fits between the barrel and stock.
I have not been to the range as of yet but will post some pictures of the groups when I do. Maybe this weekend depending on the weather. I think I will name this gun Tank, it is a very solid heavy bench gun. I really like the way it turned out.
Here are several pictures including one that shows the two hold down receiver screws.

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