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Kali, cause she came from Kalifornia. A "boyfriend" dog. Daughter gets boyfriend. They get a dog. Boyfriend leaves. I get the dog.

Peanut, another "boyfriend dog." Wife keeps her now.

Choclit, A high dollar, high maintenance, Dobie. Another "boyfriend dog." Sometimes I have him, sometimes my daughter does. Very loving and whiny animal.

Cat entertaining 2 of our 4 labs. "Cabezon" in forground or "Big Head," "Guerro" in the back,or "White Boy." "Belle" the mom and "Bobo" missed the picture.

"A.K." left. No not for Automat Kalisnifov, but for Anry Kitty. and "Bandito" on the right.

Bandito and A.K. entertaining "TooShee" which is an "in laws" dog. They are in the nursninghome now, so Ihave the "dirty mop" dog now. I cut his hair. Now he looks better.

El Bandito again. We had a "Gibbs, Tony, and Magee" cats, but they were either eaten by predatorss in the brush or ran sway with Ziva.

Bandito, A Siamanx-bob tail and long rear legs, blue eyes and other Siamese features. Has a "mask" which got him his name.


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Misty (the boss)
Furniture Couch Felidae Comfort Dog breed

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Fawn

Casey Molly's sister Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Fawn

Toby (he takes orders from the girls
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Fawn Companion dog

The real boss Ruger 357
Trigger Air gun Revolver Gun barrel Gun accessory


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This is Sundae.Kids named her that,said she looked like a hot fudge/caramel sundae.Her momma is Mini Doberman,dad is German Shepherd.Don't ask because I haven't figured that one out yet.She's a pretty good dog.Nothing moves in vicinity of the house that she doesn't know about it and let's you know if you need to look.Just don't say bacon in front of her or your going to kitchen to get a Beggin Strip or two.

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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