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Extra Camera Land Black Friday Deals

I thought I'd post a few items that are a little something extra today. There is only one of each of these items.
You must call in to order as these are not on our site. These items are a mix of display units, demos, samples, loaners & trade show units. Let's call them used but optically and functionally 100%. Unless otherwise indicated these items have no box/packaging
Nikon 10x25 Sportstar Compact RealTree Camo Binocular with objective caps and case - $39.99
Nikon Action 7x50 Binocular with case, strap and caps - $49.99
Nikon Lookout II 10x50 binocular with caps and strap - $29.99
Nikon #8239 10x42 Trailblazer binocular with case, strap and caps - $59.99
Nikon Monarch X 8.5x45 Binocular with caps, case and strap - $199.99
Nikon Premier LX 8x42 Binocular with case, strap and caps - $499.99
New Tasco Rimfire 4x15 Riflescope #RF4X15D (I have no idea where this came from) - $19.99
Minox - These look like salesman's samples and are as new
Minox #62169 BD 8.5x42 BR Binocular in the original box with case & strap - $249.99
Minox #62414 BN 7x50 C Marine Binocular - $199.99
Zeiss Victory 8x56 T* P* with strap and caps, no case - $599.99
Zeiss Victory FL 7x42 T* Lotutec with case and strap - $999.99
Zeiss Conquest 3-12x56 AO MC w/#8 Riflescope #521470-9908 $549.99
All the below Zeiss products are salesmans sample units in the original boxes and complete:
Zeiss #521767 Victory Z-Point W - $349.99
Zeiss #524508 8x40 Binocular - $429.99
Zeiss #524528 Victory HT 8x42 Binocular - $1499.99
Zeiss #524542 Victory FL 10x42 Lotutec Binocular - $1099.99
Zeiss #524521 Victory FL 8x42 (Non-Lotutec) Binocular - $849.99
Zeiss #522079 Victory 10x25 T* Compact Binocular $499.99
Zeiss #521455-9973 Conquest 4.5-14x44 Rapid-Z 1000 Target - $499.99
Zeiss Diascope 65 T* FL Straight Green Spotting Scope, no eyepiece - $599.99 - SOLD
Zeiss Diascope 85 T* FL Lotutec Black Angled Spotting Scope, no eyepiece - $1299.99
Zeiss #525622 Victory RF 10x56 T* Black w/LotuTec Rangefinder binocular - $1999.99
Pentax 10x28 DCF MP Waterproof Binoculars with Case in the original box - $149.99
If anything here is of interested please give us a call @ 212-753-5128

Don't forget to take a peek at our "Deal of the Day" opportunities.

Have a safe and enjoyable Holiday season.
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