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Sure, you have seen regular Ruger SP-101s, and let us face it, they are great guns, but have you seen one that has been custom hand engraved and embellished by a master jeweler with 25 years of experience?

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If you feel like you have seen this revolver before, it's been shown (a little) on Ruger's Pintrest & Instagram accounts recently, but you odds are you haven't seen it in this detail.

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This otherwise standard Ruger SP101 5-shot .357 Magnum snubby, with its 2.25" barrel weighs in at 25-ounces unloaded. Set off by Badger Custom grey laminate grips, this one of a kind wheelgun with a jeweled cylinder, trigger, and hammer was inlaid over 60 hours by Master Jeweler Britt Berden of Pass Christian, Mississippi.

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The Price? Try $3199.95 + tax at ABC Jewelers
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