Expended rounds hitting in facial area

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    I forgot to mention that yesterday, my day of idiosity, I had some rounds flying back and hitting me in the facial area. I called Ruger today and they stated that possibly the extractor is too tight. Upon extraction, the brass casings are being bent, which is somewhat normal for a 1911. They are sending me down a return order in which they will take a look at it and reset it if need be. I also asked if they had a smaller site for the front in which case they said no. However, Vanessa (lady who answer tech calls and does referrals to the right dept.) said that when they get my pistol, they will check everything all over and send it to the accuracy range for evaluation. Everything is done on a N/C basis. I will say one thing for Ruger: they are a very conscientious company and will go the extra length to insure customer satisfaction. I am proud to be a Ruger customer and will continue to be one as long as I am able to shoot!!!!