EPA hazard to our health.

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    The EPA is doing such a job it should be classified a known cause of possible lethal hazards to the environment and life in general.
    The EPA botched up removing polluted water from a gold mine in Colorado and they also have caused polluted water to flow from a defunct cotton mill in Gerogia prior to this spill. The report was that EPA goofed with a bull dozer in Colorado mine thus causing the polluted runoff from the mine to the nearby river turning the river orange. Now we hear the EPA goofed with a backhoe and broke open a water line connected to polluted water pool at the cotton mill causing runoff to nearby streams which flow into a conservation lake and rivers.
    Isn't it an amazing coincidence while so much talk about having to use surface water for supplying potable water that the EPA is polluting the surface ground water. I just don't believe these were random mistakes. No doubt it was another way of dumping rather than the high cost of storing or filtering the polluted water.
    I maybe wrong but I don't think dumping black balls into a lake will stop evaporation. Good luck California in that working.