Encore range report sort of.

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    You would think after all the years I been doing this....I would know better than even try to shoot a high powered , high class, rifle with a piece of crap scope.

    That big Barska is a 6.5X20X50. I think I bought for cheep to put on my Savage 22. Its junk, and not even clear enough optics to shoot with any precision.

    I am so disgusted, I just wasted 8 rounds of Federal 180 gr SP, 300 win mag.

    I took the Encore down to the range, took 20 rounds , just to see how it feels, handles , and shoots, at 100 yards.

    I think Ill be ok, my shoulder may be black and blue tomorrow.
    I shot 8 rounds thru it.

    I bore sighted on the target, fired first shot, (holy crap, worse recoil than my 45-70), it hit 5" left and perfect elevation.

    (5x4 clicks =20 clicks ) 20 clicks moved 2nd shot 2 " to right. ?????
    Shoulda known something aint right.

    Moved scope 12 clicks , 3rd shot went 4 " too far right of center.
    anyway moved it back, enough to get a dead center 2 shots in a row, then a shot went 12" to right. another shot went 15" to the right.
    Checked scope, its moving. I quit.

    At this point I rezeroed my Marlin 783 22 mag to 100 yards , great , good scope, getting 1 1/2" groups at 100 yrds, I'm happy.

    I got to order a good Scope for that Encore ,it deserves it.

    Anyway, heres my setup, it was not much fun , except for the Marlin.






    Ill get up a range report on The Encore , when I decide what scope to get for it.

    DANG, my shoulder is sore. only 8 shots.

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    I had the same problem with my '06. It came with some Bushnell cheapo scope. Was getting 12" groups- scope was moving everywhere! I put that one on a pellet gun and got a different scope for my rifle.

    I bet your arm is sore!Those .300 mags kick all right! What barrel are you gonna buy for it next?
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    That 300 looks like a light gun..... Can you put a heavier forend on it? I did that to a T/C .44 mag pistol with a 10" barrel, helped some.
    Looks like I see a recoil pad on it. Is it a good one?

    I had a 12 ga side by side with no recoil pad, it hurt a little. Paid a smith to put a Limbsaver pad on it.

    With the Limbsaver I could shoot it all day long with No Pain At All using heavy 2 3/4" loads. They advertise a 70% reduction in felt recoil, I believe it!
    They probably make a 'bolt on' for that monster 300 you got in case your pad could use an upgrade.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

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    I too have a couple limbsavers and LOVE them! I second that recommendation.
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    I once had a .338 Winchester Magnum and after sighting in with 220 grain bullets I would put it away and not get stupid with it. The most I shot at one time was a box of 20 and it gave me all the pain and agony that I cared for. At my age, I don't need that big a caliber. Not too many cape buffalo nor elephants in Az. It's kinda funny, the older we get, the faster we forget. One day we will learn that recoil can hurt. A buddy of mine just bought a .500 Smith. He shot 15 rounds through it and laid it down. I asked him why he bought the gun. He said because he could. I asked him what does he intend to do with it. After shooting he said he really doesn't know. I guess he's like Jim. Fascinated with big bore but forgot about recoil. But it's okay Jim, we all have our senior moments-it's yours just seems to last longer:cheesy:

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    Next barrel most likely bwill be a 45-70 .
    I just love reloading those.
    Then ....who knows....maybe 375 H&H.

    It has a pretty good pad on it ...factory.

    I exaggerate sometimes...on recoil, but the recoil on this one is different from the recoil of all my 45-70s. Its quick ,snap ,hard rather than a big push type .

    I only got one small (1/2 dollar size) black spot today.:)

    Yall forgive me for loving the big bang , big recoil guns, don't understand why, myself.

    Just do.

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    If I were a psycho-logist, and you told me that while reclining on my genuine leather couch, I would leap to my feet and exclaim 'Aha! You are sublimating* your urge for violence. Some men get deep into moonshine and kick their dogs and hit their women; you shoot big bang, big recoil guns.

    *Psycho-logists love the concept of sublimation. It can explain just about anything because the underlying neurosis (neuroses are required for everybody) has been obscured enough so he can pick one at random.

    [I don't have the license, so can't charge for this diagnosis.]
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    :eek: ^^^ That or...... maybe he just likes it.