Don't mess with my lunch.

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    I read this article and reminded me of what happened at work many years ago.
    I had a factory job way back in the early 80's and the company had a daily cleaning crew to clean the meeting and lunch rooms. A couple guys noticed their lunches were missing some food and even sometimes personal items like watches etc. were stolen out of lunch boxes. So one guy decided enough was enough and nobody should mess with anyone's things and he took plain donuts and covered them with melted chocolate EX-LAX.
    Gee imagine that, quite a few of the donuts were missing from the plate he had set on the lunch table. The next day two of the cleaning crew were not there. HMMM them donuts go right through ya and keep on going through ya.
    I have never heard of Blaire's 4am Reserve but it must be super melt your tongue skin hot when it says only use one drop per gallon of sauce. Also warning not to have contact with skin. This is some hot as molten iron hot sauce.
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    I had that problem at a place I worked at. This person would even come by, and drink your soda, if you left it on a bench. I took a brand new soda in a bottle, and left it out on my bench. Put some clear glue all around the top of the bottle. He couldn't resist, and we all found out who was doing the dastardly deed. We never had an issue again. We had an issue with another guy there, who had anger issues. If you pissed him off, which didn't take much, he screw with your car. I don't know about you, but there are 3 things you don't screw with.......................Family/wife, cars, and guns. He would also screw with your tools, so we set him up. I took a brand new pair of vice grips, and put them out on my bench. I took a torch, and heated them up, until they were red. Walked away, and about 2 minutes later we heard a very loud scream. Got em....................then he went out to his car, and as he drove away, he noticed that he had pieces of 2x4 glues to his tires, As he drove down the street, you could hear the clippity clop. It was hilarious at the time. He had to wear them off.