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  1. Tommycourt

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    After long consideration, and due to my wife's health, I have made the decision to quit buying/trading guns. I can no longer shoot long guns due to a back injury and I used to love to shoot competition rifle and clay target/sporting clays however those days are over. Presently I have the following:

    Remington BDL 700mm magnum w/Redfield 3x9 wide angle scope
    Browning Citori 12 gauge full/modified bought in 1973
    Remington 541S .22 caliber engraved w/ Bill Ruger gold inlay 4x power scope, 40th anniversary
    Remington 870 magnum (ducks unlimited award for being committee for 10 yrs. used for home defense
    .38 Special airweight (my wife's which she has never shot)
    Remington .22 BDL pump action rifle
    Ruger GP100 4" barrel stainless
    Smith & Wesson Model 17-5 .22 cal. w/6" barrel, target trigger & hammer
    Ruger SR1911 full size
    Ruger SR1911 Commander
    Ruger SR1911 LW Commander
    Ruger SR1911 9mm Commander
    Ruger 50th Anniversary .22 cal
    Colt Commander 9mm all steel (vintage late 68-72)
    Since I can't shoot long guns I am undecided what to do with the as I have had them for so long and with many memories, so I may pass them on to my brother.
    I also have a couple of wall hangers, 1 dug up I found all rusted in a burned out farm house (believe it to be a Whitworth .25 cal but unrecognizable due to condition) old Flobert rifle .25 cal and an old .32 cal. These I will try to use for trading stock on something I probably won't use. That doesn't count all the knives I have that I collected over the last 50 years.
    I have decided to devote myself to my .45's and 9mm and when I can shoot 3 rounds inside of a silver dollar @25', then I might do some trading. I have had so many over the years that I regret selling or getting rid of that it makes me sick. At one time I collected target or heavy barrels including a Winchester 52c with Unertel scope that I sold last year.
    and a couple of antique firearms for wall hangers.
    I look at pricing today and it is outrageous. Should I decide to sell my long guns, I will first post them on our trading/selling forum allowing fellow shooters the first opportunity and they won't be whore housed priced like the new ones.
    If anyone has a silver dollar the size of a pie plate, I might be interested in trading:yahoo:I guess as you age your needs and priorities tend to change and it's gonna be time to downsize. At one time I had 8 cars/trucks and now down to 3 except for the 66 T-Bird I am semi restoring for resale. Tough decision but that time comes for all of us.

    P. S. Without this forum, I would truly be lost especially with all of my friends on here. BTW I do consider Mag, Savage, Buster, Jim, Handy, Shooter, Allen ,Gumpy and even VT (Bob) plus many more on my friends list. Gumpy is Santa Claus to me and many, many kids.
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    Funny how you get to be good friends with people on a forum like this while knowing you may never see or met them in person.

    I bet I've nearly bought a GP100, stainless with a 4" barrel 20 times or more.
    A guy had two for sale at a gun show onetime, asking $500 each. I still don't own one. :(
    Problem is, I don't need one but then again I really need one. :dunno:
    So Tommy if you decide to move yours out......... Don't tell me cause the wife is gonna wig out when she sees my new GP100...


  3. spikedriver

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    I see that Spikedriver doesn't make the friends list...
    :headscratch::dunno:;):D Yank, Yank!

    Jokes aside, I know that's gonna be a harsh lifestyle change, Tommy. I sold my .25-06 and my 22-250 a few years back when my marriage went south. It was necessary but I still regret it. It was hard to box them up and hand them to their new owner.
    BTW, you're sticking around the forum, right? Some of your post sounded a little like a farewell. I hope you're sticking around, Tommy.
  4. SavageGuy

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    You better not go anywhere Tommy! You're a great member of this forum......
  5. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    Or course you're one of my buddies and always glad to hear from you. I am staying on the forum because to leave it would really rain on my parade. We have so many good friends here and I enjoy hearing from all. Thanks tho cuz with the yank-yank-yank I tend to stand a little taller and my back doesn't hurt quite as much. :duck:I'll be around to keep you and Savage and a few others I mentioned in line. It's something that has been plaguing me for a long time and I had to get it off my chest.
    Mag, when I bought my GP100 I paid exactly $300.00 at the time. $500.00 is a lot of money to put out for a pistol that you might find used. A lot of people bought them and never used them due to the recoil of .357.

  6. greg_r

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    Tommy, I am in much the same situation as you. The wife has had a couple of heart attacks and is restricted in what she can do. I had a collection of NEF and H&R firearms. Most are now gone, kept a few favorites for sentemental reasons.

    You are very correct that needs and priorities change. I did, however treat myself to a much smaller but much nicer collection of firearms, most have never been shot, probably never will be, but I take them out and rub on them from time to time.

    Take care of your wife and your back. Find something you are passionate about to keep you occupied. Seems like you have with the T-Bird. It will keep you going.
  7. VThillman

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    Tommy, the thoughts you are having about your guns may be something you are picking up from outer space; some broadbeam message from Betelgeuse. I offer that analysis because I have found myself wondering the past few days just why I have all these guns. I'd sell most of them, if it were not such a chore to do so from out here in the sticks.

    So, I ain't interested in acquiring any of your guns, my friend. That yeller truck though...

  8. Oldhand

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    Hey Tommy, which shoots better; ;) the Colt Commander 9mm or the Ruger SR1911 Cmd 9mm?
  9. havasu

    havasu In the army now..

    Spike, I didn't make the list either. I guess I need to try harder!

    Hey Tommy, how well do you shoot your Citori? Does it have the Versa-choke? I also have one, but it seems more for the wow factor, but when I want to shoot competition, my go to gun is my Remington 870 Wingmaster!
  10. buster40c

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    I hear ya Tommy. I wanted a 30-30 Marlin so bad that I found and bought one only to have it sit in the cabinet. I bet I haven't shot a dozen rounds through it. Lately I have been like VT thinking what do I have all these guns for and that has kept me from buying more recently. I have always felt if I don't use something then I ain't going to just let it sit on a shelf. Like you Tommy I often sold things I didn't use so someone else could appreciate it.
    LOL Take a picture of it and have the size blown up to life size and stick that on the wall. Sell the gun and still be like you have it with the picture on the wall. The picture will get as much use as the actual gun got in the last few years anyway.
  11. SHOOTER13

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    Tommy...if I HAD a Silver Dollar...I sure as Hell wouldn't shoot it !!

    { Let me know if you want to sell a one of those Ruger 1911's... } ;)
  12. phideaux

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    I have all my guns in a database, with every detail and keep it updated as to what the going price of each is.

    Know why?

    It's so when I'm worm food, my wife can sell them for extra income as needed.

    Now is not a good time to sell...prices are down and dropping.

    Let your wife have them when your gone.
    If she should go first , then decide what to do with them.

    Ain't costing anything to have them in the safe, and you know you love em.
    They may double in price when Hillary comes back and wins in 2020.:)

  13. Oldhand

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    Jim, you need to wash your mouth with lie soap for even thinking such a horrible thought!:puker:
  14. Oldhand

    Oldhand AKA Rawhidekid! Lifetime Supporter

    Tommy, I really was serious about the Colt versus the Ruger. I was offered a good deal on a 2016 Colt Stainless Commander in 45acp. I know yours are 9mm but it should be an indication.:)
  15. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    Having both the Ruger and the Colt in 9mm and .45's, I would rather have the Rugers than I would the Colt. First of all on the Colt, the later models have the transfer bar for safety and your trigger, regardless of the money spent, it won't be as good as a Ruger. I had trigger jobs done on all my Rugers except 1 to go and had them so they fire @4lbs.(trigger pull) For EDC, I would recommend the Ruger 9mm because it is lighter in weight, and easier to double tap than my LW SR1911 .45. I have had Colt National Match pistols in the 70 series and I would still put the Ruger up against those. Even the SR1911 Commander can get heavy after hauling it around all day in our heat.

  16. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt


    I used to use my Citori for trap/skeet and upland game and waterfowl. If I were going to dedicate a gun for shooting trap/skeet, I used to shoot a Browning 99 with a 34" barrel. Course you can't shoot doubles for trap, but it was an excellent gun. For all around shooting between your Citori and the 870, the 870 is more versatile especially if you have the screw in chokes. I also had an old Model 31 that I shot trap with but those are hard to find anymore that's in any type of good condition. The reason for shooting waterfowl with a Citori is we were always getting checked to see if we had plugs in our shotguns and back then hunting restrictions on ducks/geese were pretty stringent. I believe the older models of the 870 are better than the newer ones, and that is just from reports I have heard, tho I haven't fired a shotgun in years. The 870 is also a great deer gun if you have the slug barrel which I do. You can hold a 3" grouping (@ 100 yds) with an 870 which is much better when it comes to knock down power. I would stick to your 870 for any game hunting due to the variety of shot size available. MHO!

  17. Oldhand

    Oldhand AKA Rawhidekid! Lifetime Supporter

    Thanks Tommy, in the 9mm I have the Sig P229REE. Carries 15 +1 and a 4 lb single action, after a 10 lb double action first shot. My friend offered me a great deal on his Colt SS Commander 45 acp and I was curious about it compared to Ruger. Since I saw you had both in nine I figured you would have a good opinion.
  18. WizardMaster

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    I'll be done buying guns when people are done selling guns.....I'm trying to disarm all them dangerous people in Flagler Beach ya know...... Works for me!! :D