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Doing the Mini-30 Strut

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Just started to notice the new strut system some folks are putting on their Mini-30s. They look cool but do they really improve accuracy? What's the logic there? Someone who has one and has tested it, please enlighten me.
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Using a barrel stabilizer on a Mini-14 or Mini-30 rifle provides two primary benefits to the shooter. First, the typical clamp-mounted barrel stabilizer helps to dissipate heat away from the barrel. The Mo-Rod, which uses custom clamps that encompass the barrel's diameter (more surface-to-surface contact), provides for rapid heat dissipation by using anodized alloy clamps, a material known for its heat dissipation characteristics. Secondly, as a semi-automatic barrel heats up from repeated firing, the barrel can develop a condition known as barrel whip. This causes just enough movement in the barrel to produce stringing on the target. To control barrel whip, a barrel stabilizer, like the Mo-Rod, is designed with a 3-point anchor system to hold the barrel in its rigid position, thus providing more consistent targets.
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If more rigid is more accurate, why do we try to free-float the barrel for accuracy on every other rifle, including the AR?
These look really good on a rifle. I'm not knocking them, I just have a little trouble with the logic behind them. Allow me to play "Devil's advocate".
1) Barrel whip. - As I understand it, all barrels whip to some degree as a bullet travels through them. Short or long, thin or thick, hot or cold. 2) Clamping something to a barrel isn't really a good thing for accuracy. 3) Heat dissipation - I'm sure, if fired enough to get hot, these clamps would draw heat away from the barrel. Starting at the point where they touch. This would probably cause a tight spot at each clamp since those spots wouldn't expand as much as the rest of the barrel. I really don't see that improving accuracy, either.

I've never found a mini to be a target rifle and maybe these struts don't hurt their accuracy. I just don't understand how it helps. :confused:
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Did you go to the site and read the tests?? They do explain some of your ??
Well, that's one of the reasons I started this thread. I wanted to hear from someone who wasn't tying to sell me one. I guess someone who has bought one might be a little biased but not as much as the guy selling them.

They look cool and that is almost enough reason to buy one but if they actually do some good, there you go!
I have the new tapered barrel so maybe I don't qualify but did a trigger job on mine and it improved accuracy. It was pretty easy to do but I've done at least a dozen other triggers on various firearms. I could hit tomato cans at 200 yds before the trigger job(iron sights). If your older mini hits what you aim at don't waste your $$$ on a strut. I bought the mini over the AR because I love the full wooden stock look. I like the traditional look and I like Bill Rugers designs. My bolt action 223 will outshoot my 223 mini but my bolt action will outshoot most anything.
Another thing to like: May not be the same this time around but the minis weren't included during the last AWB.
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