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Disabling the Sidebar?

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I view this forum on a 10" netbook. Is it possible to turn off the sidebar, like at KTOG, so it doesn't take up so much valuable space? Thank you.
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But the option isnt there like it is at KTOG. Am I missing it? Its the last option below "Disable Advertising" on KTOG. Its not on our list here
Scroll down to the last profile option
Disable Sidebar (one below disable advertising)
change it to 'yes'
NOW that option is there. I swear it wasnt there last night. I got it now. Thanks to whoever turned that button on. Oh man... thats so much better now.
For those who dont know... after you log in, click on "My Account", scroll down and click "Edit Forum Options", under Control Panel. When that page opens scroll to the very bottom, and "Disable Sidebar" is the last option. Makes your viewing of RugerTalk much better.
That should be working fine now. You can go to the list URL above to disable.
Them options are not there for me
It probably saw you trying to sneak a smoke? :D

All I would recommend it so log out completely from your "my account" and trying it again. If this fails to work, wait until tomorrow and check back in to see if it has changed, and report back.
opaww, can you look again please, you don't see Disable Sidebar as an option still?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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