Depends who you listen to.

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    Obama and others as stupid and deceitful as him keep saying Islam is a peaceful religion. Well I guess that depends on who you listen to whether to believe that or not. Obviously Obama and others aren't exactly up to snuff on facts about the Islamic religion and its foundation and beliefs.
    Here is a link from an Islamic cleric that states and portrays a different picture of Islam which is far from a religion of peace. I really doubt Obama bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims into our country is for bringing peace to our nation. Sorry but I am not that stupid.
    Now since I can't read lips or understand what he is saying I have to guess what is reported he said is what he said.
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    I am going to correct you! Obama is NOT stupid! He has had this agenda on his plate for years! Between Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers he has the extremists attitude. He does NOT believe in American exceptionalism and one of his first missions was to go around the world and apologize to all the WWII enemies and our present enemies. He thinks because his middle name is Hussein, they will welcome him with open arms. He has studied Marxism and Leninism, worked with Bill Ayers in his underground world and feels his agenda is what the United States needs. He does not want the U.S. to be the world leader as it used to be. He treats the middle east like it is just a playground while leaving Israel stranded on their own and still vowing the U.S. will protect them if they get into trouble. No one really seems to know where he came from as most of his school records and writings are all buried somewhere along with his birth certificate. He came out of nowhere in Chicago and rose up like a Phoenix from the ashes and continues to spew his ignorance about foreign policy. He has no policy and those who would go against him, are taken out of their office. He had appointed people to cabinet offices and czars that subscribe to his agenda and who will follow him like sheep (as you say). But don't think he is stupid. He is the most conniving, dishonest, evil, and horrendous POTUS that we have ever had in the last 100 years and it will take another 100 years to gain back what we have lost in 7 years. He still has a year and half left and I caution everyone to watch your back and your fellow citizens back because the worst is yet to come. We can only hope that someone in Congress will get their stuff together and unite the congress the way it should be so we can fight, replace and undo some of the damage he has done in the very, very near future. End of rant but not of despising a very corrupt individual.

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    All I can say is "revenge is mine sayeth the Lord". Sorry obummer but this to shall pass..........then watch out.
    Remember Hitler didn't die of old age.
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