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    impaladeer 002.JPG I was broadsided by a doe a few months back and I guess I was lucky I didn't hit it head on because I doubt I could have pounded out the damage then. I did a 30' amateur body repair job and that's as good as it is going to get. Anyway because of the deer suicide I thought about buying some deer whistles for my vehicles. After doing research I think I am going to pass on the whistles as they are basically reported to be useless against a deer strike.

    All the years I rode M/C I never even thought about a deer hit. I knew a guy that while riding his Harley Springer traveling only maybe 20 mph got to feel what road rash and being busted up from hitting handle bars and pavement felt like. A big dog ran at him from the side of the road and the dog attempted to go between the front fender and the front frame. This flipped his handle bar to the side and down went him and the bike. I hate to even think of being broadsided by a deer while on a M/C traveling 65 mph like I was in my car. When I stared right into the deer's eyes is the same time it hit my car. Funny how it seemed time stood still fort that moment as we stared at each other. I don't even want to think about going down on a M/C at 65 mph.

    Here is a link that seemed to be very informative and in my opinion I am going to pass on buying a deer whistle.

    While I was waiting at the vehicle inspection station I got talking to a lady with a Toyota Prius. She said her Prius needed a hunting license because she has killed deer and hogs with it. The front head on with a deer cause over $6,000 damages to the front end of the Prius. BTW The Prius has 200,000 miles on it and the only problem she had with the car since new was the deer problem. She said she put deer whistles on it then but was not sure if they really would help with the deer but it didn't work on hogs from her first hand experience.
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    I use them on my motorcycle, cheap ones that rely on air flow, made by Bell and bought from Walmart.
    Very long story short... They work!
    I've done two cross-country 3000+ mile M/C trips thru the same area and at the same time of year.

    First trip, no whistles, more close calls than I can count.
    Second trip, with whistles, EVERY deer ran away as I approached, EVERY one!

    I have them mounted well forward (so they get "clean air") and in such a way that you could say they are in line of sight of each other so the sound each makes can blend together as per instructions.

    My bike has a fairing that allows them to be mounted as I described.

    I don't think you could mount them on any auto so they could get both "clean air" and also be in line of sight so to speak.
    I'm guessing not being able to mount them on a car / truck / bus so they are out in clean air is why they don't seem to work.

    Maybe if a guy had a headache rack on his truck and a couple of 3' uprights above the rack.....

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    Thanks for heads up with your experience with them on your M/C.