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    I'm wanting to get a new model Vaquero. I'm having trouble deciding on caliber and finish. I've decided on the 5.5" barrel length. I do intend to shoot it but not everyday and I'm not going to be competing. Stainless would be easier to clean but the blue looks so good. Do the blue Vaqueros come color case hardened? As far as caliber, it would make more sense for me to go with .357 over .45LC because I have several other revolvers that fire .357 and nothing that shoots .45LC. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate some advice.
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    Already made that decision...

    Old Model (2005) .357 Magnum...5.5" barrel...bright stainless:


    It was an easy decision though...already GOT the .45 Colt covered:

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    I think it's a matter of choice that makes you happy. Personally I like stainless as for me, they are easier to clean. If you already have .357's my choice would be to stick to that caliber, however, and if you are reloading, then try out the .45 Long Colt. I happen to like .357 caliber because they make a fine self defense weapon if ever needed and ammo would be cheaper to buy if you don't reload. Buy what makes you happy! Just MHO only and the choice must be yours. Good luck on your decision! Shooter has given you some visual options, and regardless, they are fine looking weapons, both of them.

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    I like the .357 caliber, but that's just me. You should get what you like/want.
    Blue does look good but you gotta watch out for rust starting day one. All of mine have been blued.
    Living in a humid climate, I'm tired of fighting rust all the time.
    Also, bluing 'wears off' with use and age.
    From here on it's stainless for me when at all possible.