December 7th, 1941...

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    USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI...



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    A Sad Day.
    May they Rest in Peace.
    Was too young to remember this day,
    But sure remember
    The Day
    they Surrendered.

    And a DAMN SHAME we don't have a real president today.

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    My mother was born and raised in Hawaii and was 14 years old when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They lived in Wahiawa and could hear the planes approaching but not until they were overhead could they tell who and what they were. They ran to a little church across the street from my grandfathers house and try to hide. Then they heard the second wave of planes that came in and she said they were scared to death. They could hear the bombs dropping and all the explosions. That night my grandfather made sure that all the shades were pulled down and the lit one candle and sat in the living room floor and talked. The next day my grandfather went to the local hardware store and got some black paint and they had to paint the windows all black and for a long time, the only light they would have would be 1 candle a night. When it burned out, they just stayed in the dark. She said that they were all afraid that an invasion would be next and what would they do. My grandfather had an old single shot shotgun, which very few had and he said they would fight if they had to. He said he wasn't afraid for himself but was for his kids. Hard to believe that was 74 years ago. Today and WWII veteran attended Washington and they said he was the oldest WWII vet alive. He was 110 years old and he said that the monument was what he always wanted to see. He got his wish. My mother passed 3 1/2 years ago and all her sisters are gone and she has 2 brothers who are quite elderly now and still live in Hawaii. I don't get a chance to talk to them much, but I need to so I can get a better perspective of the thoughts that ran through their minds during the attack.