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    That debate didn't surprise me much. When Trump as asked about his thinking Hillary doesn't have the look to be president he should have said due to her health she will be seen as weak. She had to be thrown into a van because she was so weak she couldn't stand any longer at the 9-11 memoriam. She has had several poor health moments.
    When Trump was asked what he would do he spoke of his plan. Hillary said she has a plan for everything but failed to do any more than talk about the problem. Her one plan spoken of was tax the rich and make them pay their share. In other words tax the crap out out of them and let the government spend it. Supposedly on making jobs. Obama has been talking this for the last 7 years and look where we are now. Well that's probably because he hasn't done it yet.
    Cyber security.......Hillary knows all about security and how to stop people from getting information. First of all she deletes 30,000 emails which she even admitted tonight she shouldn't have used a personal server and unsecured email account. She totally just admitted she broke the law and should be in jail.
    I had to laugh when she said Trump must be hiding something that he isn't releasing his tax returns. I thought Trump should have slammed her more on what was she hiding in all those deleted emails. I liked his saying all her people claim the 5th because they knew they were accomplices and should be in jail with her. Oh yeah we can really trust Hillary with top secret information. Don't need any hackers when she puts the top secret reports out there.
    Racial point.........She doesn't want to tell the real problem which is the poor get in trouble with police. No she wanted to blame the problem on the policing racial failures. She wants to take the guns away and she has a plan but her plan hasn't done squat so far from stopping criminals from killing each other. Oh yeah if a person is on the don't fly list then they shouldn't be able to buy a gun. Just how many people in the hoods are frequent fliers? What a typical continued plan of ignorance that will not stop gun shootings. How about when the FBI has had a person on a watch list they shouldn't have been able to get a gun?
    From what I heard from her is basically more Obama's failed plans that didn't work the last 7 years and will not work the next 4 under her either. But she spoke of fixing what isn't working.
    She is neck and neck with Trump in the polls? I guess that depends who says what the polls show. I have to say Trump is at least not coming off with the usual I have a plan but it actually hasn't worked ever before. Like Trump said 35% business taxes just might be a big problem.
    Democrats are for the working man supposedly but they sure aren't doing anything to keep the jobs here. Yep the chances of getting out of the ghetto and slums are becoming lesser with each additional thousand of illegals under the Democrat actions.
    What hasn't surprised me is how all the media is crucifying Trump but Hillary gets another atta girl pat on her hind end.
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    I didn't watch the 'debate' (never do watch political debates), just read a somewhat left-slanted account of it. I was pretty sure Trump didn't understand how to function in a debate, and apparently he doesn't. Shooting from the hip just doesn't work well. Just keeping Clinton off-balance ain't enough.

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    Yeah I agree he should have planted every knuckled fist right smack on her face. maybe that could have knocked some of the plaster off her deeply wrinkled face.
    Funny how one of the questions was about Trump's not revealing his tax statement but Hillary's criminal email fiasco wasn't. She had the BALLS to ask what was Trump hiding that he hasn't shown his tax statement. Trump did ask about her emails which again she stated she made a mistake and wouldn't do it that way again. No, she would try to do it without getting caught next time. She admitted on a national TV debate she was guilty of using an unprotected personal email account which should disqualify her even being considered as a presidential candidate. But no let's get back to what is Trump hiding by not releasing his tax statement.
    Myself I threw out all the trickery deception and focused on what they each had to say on the real issues. Hillary has a plan but that only amounted to hear say. Where as Trump actually spoke of his plans to get jobs and the economy back on track.
    As usual the media is saying she sucker punched Trump. Of course they couldn't speak about her plans compared to Trumps because her minimal divulged plans were mostly tax/take from the rich and give it to the government which we have heard for the last umpteen democrat years but hasn't done squat. What the media did was what the media does best which is rain on the parade and pop any balloons that had a message on them.

    I really had a hard time watching the 90 minutes of the political circus. I sure am glad I can make that statement on this forum without getting written up for it.
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    I watched it off and on.

    My take.....

    One rehearsed/scripted... robot ....

    One unrehearsed /non scripted outta water..

    Ill let yall pin the tail on the donkey.;):)

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    I read that Trump didn't rehearse for it but Hillary did. HMM I guess she might have had privy to the questions? I did notice she was often looking down at her podium like she was reading then talking.
    Pin the tail on the donkey..........I think that's about the fact of it all.
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    I watched the debate and the first 15 or so minutes he had Hildebeast on the ropes and then he dropped the ball. I wasn't surprised though because this was his first time and she has lied for over 30 years with that snicker on her face and is so arrogant that I can't stand to watch her. I think the next debate will be different. I didn't care for the moderator to bring up the berther. And when she talked about her server, he should have taken the reins from Trey Gowdy's playbook and use the questions that Gowdy used on Comey. He could have eaten her lunch! Like Yogi said: It ain't over til it's over and the fat lady ain't started singing yet.