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Seen this from a local Chief of Police ...... Amen Chief !!

Dear Drunken Driver….

You were snookered when my officer stopped you. We all are lucky you did not kill an innocent or yourself. Since this was your fourth offense in six years, I thought perhaps some advice would help. Consider it free wisdom from an Internet sensation. It’s sort of a cross between Confucius and John Wayne.

•It is apparent you lack the ability to make good decisions when you are intoxicated. You need to stop drinking or stop making decisions. I question your desire to do either. Anytime you drink, have a sober driver. Simple, yet I feel the overwhelming urge to explain.

•Ducking into a driveway where you do not live does not work….does it?

•After ducking into that driveway… telling the officer you “can’t be arrested” because you were “on private property” does not work either…does it? Drunken driving is not a game related to “Freeze Tag” we all played as a kid. There are not safe bases set up along the roadway of life for you. We have followed people into swaps, woods, houses and blizzards to remove their opportunity to kill people. We will certainly follow you into Mr. Smith’s driveway. Word.

•Crying does not work on us. We have children.

•We are not ruining your life. You seem to be doing fine on your own. We are walking behind you, trying to prevent a disaster. Life is all about choices.

•We know you pay our salary….or we assume you pay someone’s salary somewhere. That’s great. If you would like to stop paying our salary, keep driving drunk. You will either be in prison or unemployed due to being absent from life.

• I think your sentence should involve you having to perform death notifications to family members. I have been doing it for the better part of 18 years and need a break. You need to see some tears and hear real human angst. I’m sure you could learn something from just one experience.

It’s nothing personal….but I sure hope not to be seeing you soon; unless you are sober, apologetic and mean it….
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