DAO sp101 or LCR

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  1. Morganfd9

    Morganfd9 New Member

    I already own the dao sp101, which I enjoy it as an occasional carry gun but it’s a bit heavy.
    Other than weight alone, what advantages does the LCR have ?

    neither will be used as edc, more of a nightstand, occasional carry gun.

    I like to shoot my pistols as much as I can when I have the time, will the LCR hold up over time ?
  2. rdec873

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    I have an LCR that mainly stays in my travel bag. It’s a great gun and accurate. Especially if you replace the front sight with an XS dot sight. Would I get one for a nightstand gun? Probably not. I would rather get a GP100 or a S&W 686 or 66 which is what I have. They are better built and more fun at the range.

  3. quirky

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    First of all it has the finest trigger on a revolver ever produced out of the box, no gun smiting needed. I've own two of them.
    When I first started looking into them a few years back after the .357 magnum version was released I was following a guy on his blog who at the time had 7000 rounds of magnum loads fired in it in less than a year, when he sent it off to a private metallurgist lab to be x-rayed from the inside out.

    The data showed it to be in perfect condition, Ruger did their homework. Even though they knew most will never get pass 38 + P in it.
    The Ruger LCR is the finest pocket revolver ever made ..

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  4. Morganfd9

    Morganfd9 New Member

    That’s what I was wanting to hear !

    I know the little LCP is not recommended to shoot a lot, was afraid lcr was the same
  5. rugertoter

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    I have the LCP Gen 1 & 2, and I have shot them a lot...no problems with either. I have the LCR in .357 Magnum, and the LCRx 3" in .38 Special + P, and even though I only have about a hundred rounds through the 3", I do have about 450-500 through the .357 Magnum, shooting mostly .38 Special & + P's, but about a hundred .357's...again, no problems. No signs of any problems either.

    I think all four of these Rugers I have, are in it for the long haul. JMHO.
  6. C. D. Bates

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    I have the DAO SP101, over 20 years old, never shot anything but .357 in it. Never had a problem with the weight or anything else.

    When I first got it, it shot low. But, judiciously filing the front sight and it was dead on.

    A .327 Fed would be the only change i would consider.
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  7. throb

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    Ruger manufactures revolvers to shoot w/ heavy use! 25 oz sp101 handles .357 magnum cartridges, the steel frame is on the heavy side and the multiple lockup makes for a dependable edc in 2.5” barrel w/ dao imho