Dallas PD shoot out.

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    Dallas PD main office had a shoot out early Friday. Sounded like high power rifles being used while hearing what sounded like handgun fire from Dallas Police. A couple bombs exploded while bomb robot was retrieving them. The bad guy got away in an armored van but later was trapped at a Whataburger. The attack on the PD was caught on cell phone video.
    Police were talking with the man that said he was wounded. He said it was the police fault he lost custody of his child. He lost custody because claims were made he was a possible terrorist. Nah this guy couldn't have been a terrorist!
  2. havasu

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    Seems like "suicide by cop" was his wish.

  3. buster40c

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    It just might be a staged flag since Texas just approved open carry and several other new gun laws that Obama doesn't want.
    Seems sort of stupid a guy says he did it because he lost custody for reason he might be a terrorist then he pulls this terrorist like move.
    I guess the guy wanted a burger really bad. lol
    I believe this is first hand experience why not to kick a hornets nest. You will get stung.
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    In my humble opinion, the cops wounded the guy and he headed into Whattaburger to get something to eat so he could sustain a fight.
    I think the Whattaburger hamburger made him so weak that he puked himself to death. If you ever had a Whattabooger in Az, then you will understand why I am saying this.