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Salvaged .357 turned into .41 Mag.

Sight slot welded up, reshaped and fitted with two leaf express sights. Entire gun trued, straightened, stoned and polished. Original cylinder re-chambered. Barrel is from 2 in. Douglas blank and cut tapered, with integral ramp. New, steel ejector rod housing made, oversize base pin, Super BH grip frame shortened to BH length. Bighorn sheep horn grips.
All internals re-fitted or re-made.
Slow rust-blue finish.

Sighted load-- 255 LBT 90/10 wheel-weights-linotype, .4111 as cast, Blue Lube, 16.8/H-110 Zeroed 75 and 175 yards. 1080fps.

Completed 1989


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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