Cost to fit cylinder

Discussion in 'Ruger Revolver Forums' started by gr8yt, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. gr8yt

    gr8yt New Member

    Any idea how much Ruger charges to sell and fit a 45 ACP cyl in a NMBH 45 LC?
    If it wasn't sold as a convertible, will they even do it? Thanks

    PS, do they sell pre paid shipping labels like some other mfg's do?
  2. MagBlackhawk

    MagBlackhawk Patriot

    A few months ago I emailed Ruger about making a 9mm cylinder for my .357 Blackhawk.

    The response was, "we are not doing any elective service at this time" and, I should check with them later.
    They did not answer my question of do they need the gun to do the job.

    You could give em a call or email.
    If you do please let us know what they say about it now.

  3. Blkhawk73

    Blkhawk73 Member

    My understanding is they will not do work so that the end result becomes a nonstandard cataloged variation. Personally, I'd buy a "used" one and drop it in as it's an extremely high probability it'll fit juuuuust fine.