Considering An Alaskan .44 Magnum

Discussion in 'Ruger Revolver Forums' started by Bob1943, May 4, 2014.

  1. Bob1943

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    I posted this on another Ruger forum. Thought I would post here as well to get any additional input.

    I presently have GP100s in both 3" & 6" barrels (.357) and a 7.5" Super Blackhawk Hunter .44 magnum.

    Was looking for a 5" S&W Model 629 (.44 mag), but then got to reading a lot of articles about S&W QC issues and had a change of heart.

    However, I still wanted to get a double-action .44 magnum to complement my SBH single action .44. Since I have the long barrel SBH, I thought I might go to the other end of the spectrum, stay with Ruger, and get the short-barrel Alaskan. From what I have seen on YouTube videos, that looks like quite a chunk of steel. Also, I find it to be a very attractive looking revolver - that Alaskan looks like "beauty & the beast!"

    So, for you guys that have the Alaskan .44 magnum, is it a pretty accurate gun for a short barrel revolver? Anyone having any issues with the gun?
  2. ModernRifle

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    First, I do not have the Alaskan .44 Mag.
    Second. Not familiar with the S&W problems: huh, news to me.
    Third. You will find ammunition (if you don't not reload) that has been designed for the shorter barrels.

    Speer provides us an example at

    Selecting the proper firearm, when selecting from quality makers, comes down to your preference. Problems are truly remote, we hear about them often, because we are alert to the problems, and satisfied folks seldom start a thread titled "Revolver continues to work well"

    The Alaskan sounds like the 'right' gun for you...... if it fits your hand, feels right, has the trigger you are looking for, handles the ammunition you desire, and delivers a recoil you tolerate and a muzzle rise you can control.

    I think it would be fun.

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    Good post by ModernRifle. I love the idea of a thread: "Revolver continues to work well."

    I don't have an Alaskan either. I have admired it at the LGS many times. It is a real quality piece of steel that will doubtless be handed down in your family for generations. There was a pretty good write-up in one of the gun magazines a year or two ago about differences in Ruger versus S&W .44s. What I took away from it is that both are excellent but that the Rugers are built very tough. I wish I had a link to the article.

    Let us know how it shoots if you do buy it.