Confusion of Power Pistol powder

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    Last week I told you of a guy at my local range who blew up his .45 cal. He said he used Power Pistol and loaded it to 9.5 grns. I am setting up my Dillon Square D for .45 using Power Pistol and looking at charts, I am getting confused. Gunslinger, Magnum, and VT (Bob) gave me the sights to look up and there is a discrepancy. Alliant states for .45 cal. 230grn RN plated, COAL is 1.2 and they call for 9.5 grns of powder. Disclaimer on front states to download 10% which makes it 8.3grns. I went to the sites the guys suggested and then dug out my old Lyman's book and it states: Power Pistol is 6.4 starting to 7.2 max. charge and COAL is 1.270. VT(Bob) said that in his Hornady book it said for a 185 SWC max. charge is 9.5. which may have been what the guy at the range used. I never gave it much thought until he told me his story and now, after looking at all the loading manuals, I am concerned. I am tempted to start loading Power Pistol @6.9-7.1 grns or should I start say @6.7grns? Alliant bought up a bunch of powder producers yet fail to put out any good loading data. I want the same recoil as what the manufactured rounds are so that way I am used to the recoil and don't want to loose my ability to fire a round and be able to focus on target re acquisition. What are your thoughts and suggestions? Would appreciate any feedback. BTW my COAL is about 1.255-1.257.

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    I don't see the amount you quoted for Power Pistol powder listed in Alliant's online data for any .45 Auto, 230 gr bullet.

    For Speer 230 gr TMJ RN they list 8.1 gr as MAX using Power Pistol.
    For Speer 230 gr GDHP they list 7.4 gr as MAX using Power Pistol.

    Those are the only two .45 Auto, 230 gr bullet loads I see Alliant listing for Power Pistol.

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    Stick with your Lyman manual.
    Ive loaded 45 cal 230 grn at 6.7 to 6.9 grn Power Pistol for years, with no problems.

    Nothing mentioned about 9,5 gr anywhere.:eek:

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    According to my Hornady manual for a .230g the max is 7.6 for Power Pistol. I'd say start about 6.7g myself. Just my thoughts,to be safe.
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    I have come across some hot load listings in Lyman 49th, in Lee 2nd and in Hornady 9th. I have fallen into the practice of making my starting load based on the mildest of the three maximums minus 10%. Just look for pressure signs, shoot enough rounds from a rest to see accuracy, and your gun's preferred load will reveal itself. It's as if your gun can talk. (Besides just barking, that is.)

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    Reloading is very bullet specific, not only the different weights but the material , cast or swaged lead, plated lead or jacketed have to be considered . Along with bullet profiles , wadcutter , semi-wadcutter, round nose and round-flat nosed. All of this matters.
    Find the specific bullet you are using, in a published source , and start in the low to mid charge weight and work up slowly to your desired power level. Never exceed the maximum charge for your bullet and powder. Better safe than sorry.
    I will tell you from experience that the reloading Gods do not suffer fools gladly. Talk to your friend at the range.