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OK I will start it...

I confess I dont always put the toilet seat back down.

I confess I sometimes dont aim very good, at the toilet.

I confess I peed in the swimming pool once ....or twice.

I confess I dont like turnip greens.

I confess Im not fond of long check out lines at Wal Mart.

BE HONEST !!! fess up.


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I confess that I think Phideaux writes about peeing a lot...:rolleyes:

I confess I don't clean my guns nearly as often as I should...

and I confess that I like my women to be a bit...chunky...sometimes...(often...a lot...almost always...):D

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I confess I don't clean my guns as often as I should either.
I confess I don't shoot enough :D.
I confess that NOT HAVING A PLACE TO HUNT is DRIVING ME MAD!!!! Which really isn't a long drive ;).
I confess I really don't mind Chevys but Dodges on the other hand are a different story :p.
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