Concealment for speed loaders?

Discussion in 'Ruger Revolver Forums' started by geezer2, May 5, 2017.

  1. geezer2

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    Hi folks. I have a SP 101 DAO that I love to carry. Very smooth action and easy to carry and conceal. My problem is concealing reloads. I have two speed loaders but they prove challenging to conceal. I'm looking for suggestions. How do you carry your reloads?
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Speed Strips...

    Here is one option I use when a revolver is the choice for carry and concealment the issue...speed strips.

    The strips are flat and easier to conceal than round speed loaders. It does however require practice.

    Here is a write up:

  3. SavageGuy

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    Yep, speed loaders are bulky. Try the speed strips, they're not as easy to use so they require practice like Shooter13 said. You can find them for a few dollars apiece if you look around
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    A western shirt (or any kind of shirt) that has two pockets with snap closure?

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    I use speed strips for my LCR and my Charter bulldog 44. I carry two strips containing 12 rounds and they hide easily in my front pockets. I never did carry my speed loaders.
  6. quirky

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    Speed strip's !
    There is simply no way to conceal speed loaders unless you want to put them on your ankle somehow or make changes as to how you dress. Speed strips lay nice and flat in your pocket.

    They are not fast but at least the rounds stay together and it is a reload.
    Moon clips are the fastest (and probably the best way) provided your cylinder is cut to accept them, but again it's about 'concealment', it can be done but that means making changes to how you dress. I like to roll with my shirt tucked in. (old school)

    If I ever go that route it sure as hell won't be with speed loaders, I'm going moon clip and Ruger has a really neat set-up how to carry the LCR 9mm clips on your belt. Of course I'd have to be willing to go with an un-tucked shirt. And the clips Ruger sells are easy to load and unload without needing a tool.
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    I carry speed stripps, but also carry two speedloaders in a leather speedloader pouch opposite side owb.