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In this day and age, safety and security is not just for the fellas anymore. As more and more women step out boldly into the world armed and ready to protect themselves, the world of concealed carry holsters has been forced to adapt to the female form. Gone are the days of big, bulky holsters as they simply do not conceal well on the body of a woman. Thanks to the style and cut of modern clothing, concealing a weapon on your person has become a bit more specialized. If you are or know of a woman who wishes to carry concealed, here are 7 holsters designed to hide your firearm in a female-friendly manner.

1. The Flashbang Women's Holster is a design that fastens to the center of the bra, fitting snuggly into position beneath underwire to prevent movement. It keeps a firm hold on firearms until the wearer is ready to draw at which point the holster remains seated against the bra in order to allow a quick, smooth draw.

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Photo: NRA

2. Offered by Femme Fatale is the Lace Thigh Holster designed to discreetly hide a firearm in the upper leg area. It has silicone to grip the leg and hold it in place and will conceal well under clothing such as skirts. This item is also advertised for men who wear kilts and is available in lace-free varieties. The gun pocket measures 4.5".

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Photo: 30 Cal Gal

3. Also by Femme Fatale is the Ankle Soxxx Holster. This item is made of lace as well and conceals under clothing such as boot cut or other wide leg styles of jeans. The gun pocket on this item measures 5".

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Photo: Women's Outdoor News

4. Made by Undertech Undercover is the bike short holster. Essentially this is a snug pair of bike type shorts that have pockets on each side for left or right handed carriers. Located over the buttocks, this holster is available in several different colors to better hide its presence.

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Photo: Armed in Heels

5. Available from a variety of manufacturers are belly band holsters. These wrap around the waist giving you front pockets in the belly area in which your firearms store and conceal. Guns can be placed on the left or right depending on your carry preference. Double carry is possible as well.

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Photo: Pinterest

6. Catching on quickly is the corset holster by Dene Adams. This holster is pretty well hidden beneath the shirt and offers carry on either side of the body depending on your strong hand. It is even possible to carry two firearms if you wish as shown in the video below.

View attachment 11106
Photo: Dene Adams

7. Deep Conceal makes a line of shoulder holsters with varying degrees of support. These will allow you to have a holster hidden comfortably beneath loose clothing that is readily accessible once that clothing is pushed to the side.

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Photo: That Texas Lady

When it comes to hiding weapons on the female body, it is important to keep in mind the curvature of that form and the places where a firearm will fit most comfortably. As fashion evolves to cover less and less skin, having a holster that can hide beneath whatever clothing the occasion calls for is just another necessity at times. Luckily there are many options now available to suit the needs of the girls and their guns.

Do you have a favorite women's holster for concealing your Ruger? What do you like or dislike about it? Let us know in the comments!
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