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    I have a stainless compact M77 MKII that I bought several years ago. With a 16 1/2" bbl, there are some brands/bullets it just won't shoot accurately. After trying at least 10 different load combos, including several handloads, I found what it will shoot MOA. Prvi Partizan 150 gr soft points! Go figure.
    A gunsmith friend installed a Timney trigger, trued the bolt, and recrowned it to 11 degrees. We mounted a Nikon 3-9X40 Prostaff on it.
    I have taken 12 whitetails with it out to 190 yards, and it is really easy to carry through thick cover due to the short length and light weight.
    My Grandson covets it, and I told him he could have it after the first shovel of dirt hit my casket!:D
    Sorry no pics yet.
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    I have the same rifle but, in 7-08 Rem. It is one of my favorite guns to hunt with.

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    Every firearm I own hits POA / POI with something, I hear ya !!