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    No I am not referring to color of a blind.
    I am referring to people that are color blind and glasses that can really make seeing the world in new colors and seeing things they really couldn't even see before. These glasses have actually been available since around 2012 or maybe earlier but I just read about them today.
    They are called Enchroma glasses and videos of people using them for the first time were almost teary eyed emotional about what the glasses let them see for the first time.

    I am not color blind but I have friends that are. I thought perhaps some of you might be interested in finding out more about them. I am not affiliated with the company in any way. My only interest in these glasses is what they could possibly do for color blind people. I can just imagine what these glasses could possibly do for hunters and even target shooters.

    Check out this link and watch the videos of people using the glasses for the first time.
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    My dad was colorblind. It seemed to me he could see things that I could not. In Korea they would fly him over suspected enemy positions and he would pick out the camoflague.

    I have been in the woods with him and he would pick out blinds and hunters that i could not see until he pointed them out. A lot of times i still had trouble seeing them.

    Yet, he could not tell the difference between a yellow and a chartreuse fishing lure.

    He is the reason i dont use camouflage when hunting, unless i am hunting critters that see colors, basically turkeys and ducks.

    I asked him how he could see the stuff. His only answer was that it stuck out like a sore thumb.

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    Interesting to see there are benefits of being color blind. I guess that proves there are two sides to most everything.

    By the videos of people's reactions to first time using the glasses it seemed the glasses were well welcomed. So many of the people were actually very emotional about it. That was my reasoning in posting this thread.