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Got this little pizzant gun from the guy that sold me the pair of .22 rifles at the gunshow last Saturday. He still needed cash to buy whatever gun he was wanted and tried to sell this one to me for a bill. Told him new ones were selling at the show for that much. He said o.k. cause that was where he had bought it a few moths ago. We haggled and he came down to 75 and I was at 50 bucks. He left to try and get more. He came back with it down to 60 and I snagged it. He said he had not fired it. It did look unfired.

It is the Cobra which was the Davis which was the whatever before that. Don't know if there was. I know there were some made like this that came from Germany and were sold by F.I.E. and EXCAM importers for years. They were larger and in .38 spl. Known for horrendous trigger pull, accuracy was hard to obtain. The Cobra took maybe half the force to fire it, like maybe 15 to 20 lbs. Works much like a Remington over/under derringer that fired an anemic .41 cal rimfire. It flips open to manually extract the 2 rounds. Hammer changes from one barrel to the other automatically. This one was perfectly reliable. The old import .38s were bad about not firing the lower barrel. I had several of those over the years.

A pic of the gun and a test target. Had to use pie plates. Haven't been to the pizza place to get boxes in a while. Only fired 6 rounds of Winch. Super X FMJs. Really all I had to waste cause i figured accuracy was going to be gut to gut level. First 2 rounds, just fired by pulling it from the pocket and pointing at the pie plate. I did manage to hit the box I had the plate taped to. It was from my new gun safe and well within the hit zone for a "man" size target. Other 4 rounds were aimed and deliberate at a realistic defensive distance of 10 feet.

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