Clinton visiting with Loretta Lynch

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    It was reported that Bill Clinton was on the same plane as Loretta Lynch and he took time to visit with her. She said they never mentioned Hildebeast's ongoing investigation nor any of her e-mails. They were both sitting there and talking about their grandkids and how wonderful and happy they are to be grandparents. Maybe that's true, however it makes one wonder what they were really talking about. Wouldn't you think that something was mentioned about the e-mail investigation? Wouldn't you think they might have talked about the latest report on Benghazi and Hildebeast's non participation on not helping out our people under fire? I know Bill Clinton is a very beloved man and his ratings are very high with the American public and the only time he has lied about anything is when he opens his mouth. The same holds true with his wife. All those e-mails that were deleted was criminal. That is not her property but the property of the people of the United States. Why is she not being held to the same standards that the rest of the citizens of the U.S. have to withstand? If Hildebeast is not indited there ought to be a revolution in this country. We should all avoid her name in the ballot box. She should not be allowed to run for POTUS. Lying, crooked Hillary is not enough, she should be called more.

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    Since Obama won his 2nd term I expect Hillary will get elected also. Granted she should be in jail but then again so should Obama.

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    Bill and Lynch...di not discuss anything about Hitlerys investigation.

    Oh No, They wouldn't do that. He didn't promise her a SCOTUS seat if Hitlery wins..NO NO.

    :rolleyes::rolleyes: Gosh we are so stupid..

    Yeah right...I think both of them broke the law by doing this.