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Cleveland's Holsters LLC Review...

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Bobby Cleveland is the proprietor of Cleveland's Holsters LLC located in West Allis, Wisconsin.

Bobby was gracious enough to send me two holsters to test and review for the members here. One for a Glock 30SF and one for a Colt 1911a1.

Cleveland's Holsters are made from 100% American manufactured materials and are produced for a variety of pistols and revolvers. The two styles offered are the CUT: which provides the wearer minimal yet adequate firearm coverage protecting and padding it from the body, and allows for a quicker presentation and access to the trigger...and the UNCUT: which provides the wearer full coverage of the firearm padding the sharp edges while protecting it from perspiration. Colors options include the natural tan or a dyed jet black.

The main components of the two holsters sent for review are tanned Horsehide and Kydex. Bobby uses American Horsehide because it is a denser leather than cowhide, making it rugged yet comfortable. This material also helps to keep the firearm isolated from the body and acts as a barrier to naturally corrosive sweat. Horsehide also molds itself to your frame and retains that shape the more you wear it. For added comfort, the edges of the horsehide are burnished to provide a comfortable fit, a smooth finish, and to discourage the peeling of the leather over time.

Kydex is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials vacuum formed by Bobby to the dimensions of the firearm type you've ordered for an exact fit. The high profile design of the Kydex mold positions the mouth of the holster above the beltline, thus allowing for a secure one-handed reholster of the firearm. In addition the design acts as extended protection of the frame as well as the entire slide and barrel.

Adjustable retention is achieved by American manufactured screws of solid brass that have been oxidized to a non glare black finish. As the leather stretches from wear, these screws can be tightened to regain retention.

The seven position "J" shaped belt clips are manufactured from sturdy American steel and are also oxidized to a non glare black finish and can be worn both over the belt or under the belt and will allow the wearer to tuck in their shirt for a deeper concealment. These can easily be swapped out for a set of Kydex belt clips for a nominal charge. Cleveland's Holsters offer 49 positions of cant ( position and angle of the firearm ) to enable the wearer to orientate the holster to their preference.

Each Cleveland Holster is backed by a 100% non-prorated Lifetime Guarantee. If you ever have a problem with any Cleveland Holster due to defects in materials or craftsmanship...simply ship it back and it will be repaired FREE of charge!
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Part II...

I also wanted to include that Cleveland's Holsters sent the two holsters via USPS Priority Mail, in a very timely manner, utilizing a non-descript manila envelope.The opening of this package revealed a see-through resealable plastic bag that included a colorful Cleveland's Holsters marquee that can be used as a target should the buyer wish...

A small tube of American made Vibra-Tite Thread Locker ( medium strength ), that is similar to Loctite Blue, is included to secure the retention screws once your satisfied with the way you have configured it...

And, at a nominal cost, an extra set of Kydex belt clips can be purchased should you desire them.

A small 23 page booklet entitled: " What Every Gun Owner Needs To Know About Self-Defense Law", written by Marty Hayes, J.D. and provided by the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, INC. was also included. This pamphlet is very informative for anyone who carries a firearm for self defense and provides an application to join the ACLD Network.

I have been able to wear the CUT style black dyed G30SF holster for one full month as my EDC rig and I must say that I am a true believer in this style of holster for everyday concealed carry. The holster was very easy to configure and comfortable to wear. The design spreads the weight of the firearm around the entire waist and the non-descript "J" clips can be worn either under the belt or secured to the belt as the user desires. I wore mine with a Blackhawk Riggers Belt and the system worked flawlessly. The ability to configure the cant in any of 49 different positions enables the user an ability to custom tailor the fit perfectly. I also plan to wear the UNCUT style neutral colored holster for my Gold Cup National Match for a period of one month and will post the pictures when that time frame has expired.

Below find images of the holster as new in well as images of the holster after a full month of wear:

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