Christmas Ruger

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    About 35 yrs. ago we had just been our new house the 1st. of Dec. With buying house and wildcat strikes at work money was a
    little thin. I had a deer rifle that I had got on a trade. I was going to sell it and buy a varmint gun, but I was going to sell it to buy
    some presents for wife and kids. Gave most of money to wife to buy for kids. Unknown to me my wife was crocheting lace
    angles for tree top ornaments. She sold them for [email protected], made enough to buy me Ruger # 3 . Everyone on the ridge knew what
    was going on, except me. All Christmas Day neighbors were dropping in to see my new rifle. It's the best Christmas gift I
    ever got.

    Merry Christmas to all
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    That is a wonderful Christmas story. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I imagine when you remind your wife of that Christmas she gets a very big grin.