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Discussion in 'South Central USA' started by James, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. James

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    Hello y'all, figured it was time for an Okie to step in and let you know that here in Oklahoma we are doing well. I'm in the east side of the state right next to the Arkansas border. Lots of hunting and shooting sports going on.

    Most of my guns are Rugers, kind of took a liking to them about 3 years ago and i have a pretty good collection of them now. All my hand guns are now Rugers and three of my rifles are Rugers. My carry pistols are a SR40 and a Rap 45, with a bug of a snub 38spl +P, use a 243 for varmints and a 308 for bigger stuff.
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    I now understand that Oklahoma is a constitutional carry state. Can you give us some of the details? Are there any restrictions on where you can carry?