Chamber length?

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  1. richdh

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    I just bought a sw 638 to go with my sp 100 snubbie and out of curiosity measured the chambers. I was surprised to find that the 638 is a litte
    longer than the sp 100 which is a 357 mag snubbie.

    Can any of you experienced revolver owners give a rational for this?
    I would have expect the 357 to be longer, given the cartridge is longer..

    Another quiestion. I just started reloading and read in a manual that the 38 special cartridge should be .358" for jacketed bullets and
    .357" for plated and cast bullets.

    I had bought 1000 lead round nose which are .357"

    Is this a concern?

    Thankd for you replies!!

    Rich H
  2. TimKS

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    I have no answer for the cylinder length question, and a .001 of an inch in length while reloading doesn't mean much to me. Don't sweat the small stuff. :dizzy: