Case gauge vs chamber of barrel

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    During my reloading experience I case gauge ALL my rounds to ensure that they are not out of specs. I used a Wilson case gauge. When doing my .45 I have noticed that some fit tight in my case gauge. To make sure that they will chamber properly, I took my Commander 1911 barrel and did the "plunk" test on about 100 rounds. They fit ok in my barrel however since these are range rounds, I will tend to discard them after my next shooting. The rounds will drop into the gauge almost all the way and then get tight on the base of the gauge. I am wondering if others have had this occur and what would your suggestions be? I use a "half way" powder charge as these are practice rounds. Some of the rounds I gauged have only been fired once as I mark my rounds before going to the range and those happen to be Remington RN 230grn. Any advise is truly welcome. Note: I have also experienced this with 9mm and shot them without any incident although I have some reluctance to do so.
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    Since this post is about reloading and it goes to ammo and reloading..


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    I freely admit I don't concern myself with either the case gauge or the plunk test. If something shows up during the 'standard procedure' of reloading, I'll pitch a case into the recycle box. Otherwise I follow the Alfred E. Neuman philosophy.
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    Two possibilities come to mind, improper sizing or spring back after sizing.
    The case gauge is sized for the tightest chambers and obviously your chamber isn't. I would not worry about it.