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I did some checking into other options for less expensive shooting without buying an ammo press. I found a couple different options. I found out that competition revolver cowboy draw events can only use wax bullets. I watched several videos of shooting wax bullets, plastic and hearing plugs.
Well I figured I had a huge 4 wick foot diameter candle I didn't use anymore so I figured I have plenty of wax to use. I also have a bunch of casing left over from shooting. So it seemed my basic need then was just the primers, a primer remover tool and a primer install tool.
I bought a box of small primers and the hand tools for removal and installing. About $120 all together.

1. I removed the old primers and drilled out the primer flash holes on a box of .32 as instructed. I am just using revolvers due to primers as only propellant can't cycle a semi auto.
2. Then I melted a big chunk of my big candle on the stove in a small pot and poured the melted wax into a pyrex glass dish to about 1/2" depth of wax.
3. After the wax set up and hardened a bit I would push the casings flatly into the wax bottoming out on the dish. Had to be sure not to cover the empty primer hole with my thumb or fingers as that will keep the wax from going up into the casing and pushing the wax away from under the casing to dish bottom.
4. While these 50 were setting up and cooling down I was removing primers and drilling out the flash holes in the other .38 caliber of casings.
5. I rocked the casings side to side then removed them from the dish of wax. If you don't rock and break them loose it can cause the wax to pull back out of the casing and stay in the dish.
6. I cleaned the wax off the exterior of the casings and put them in an empty casing holder from stock ammo box.
7. I then installed the new primers. I did notice the wax wasn't very deep into the casings. I guess some wax was getting pushed away from the casings due to the wax not being hard enough yet when I shoved them into the wax.
Repeated the same steps for the .38 sp box of 50.
Now for the test of how they shoot.
Sound was about a pop not a bang. A cap gun is way louder.
I was shooting from about 33' from a paper target. The accuracy wasn't anything to write about but they didn't do to bad. At that distance they did drop quite a bit. Like maybe 3" low. They all did fire off and had no problems with the gun barrel waxing up bad enough to stop shooting.
It was fun shooting and I figured maybe .03 a shot not including initial cost of tools.
So I was going to make another batch but thought I would try a couple things different to see what would happen.
For one I made sure the wax was more solid and deeper before pushing the cases into the dish. I figured about 90% of casings were now filled with wax. Also I got 50 more .38sp cases but I didn't drill out the flash holes in these.
Well the results this time were not good. I guess due to the 90% wax filled casings caused the primers to back out enough to jam the cylinder from turning. The casings I didn't drill out the flash holes also had a problem with primers backing out.
So back to the melting pot again.
This time I made sure I was getting no more than 1/2" of wax into the casings. These shot without jamming gun.

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It was fun and I told a friend about it and he said he could probably make me a mold for the wax bullets. He was surprised and thought it was interesting how I was doing it.
The wax bullets are available along with the drilled and primed casings. I imagine the competition shooters use them. I think for the 45lc they use shotgun primers. Smaller cals they will not sell casings with SG primers though due to safety and size of primers I guess. I did see a video where a guy was using the sponge ear plugs and they worked very good also. He said he could reuse the ear plugs maybe three times.
There are some interesting videos on this.
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