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Well O.K. Pickings were slim at the gunshow this last weekend. So, I took this single shot rifle in a swap with a C note on a good Remmy 597 .22. Previous owner said he bought it to hunt with last year and only fired it once. He did not like the recoil. Said he had a bag, manual, and ammo for it if I wanted it. Well hell, yeah. Box of Remmy 150 gr. JSPs. with one round fired outta it. Everything was like new. Konus 3X9x32 mounted on it with warranty info on it. Guess I did o.k. on it cause I only had a C note in the Remmy 597.

It is a short rifle at about 35'' overall length. Barrel is light and tapered, not like the C.V.,A. Stalker I had a few years back with a heavy barrel.It had little recpil in 7-08. This gun looks like a kid's rifle and looked like it would have some recoil. It. did. Anyway, It was set several inches low and about 3'' to the right when I checked it for zero on my bore sighter. Made adjustments and fired it at 50 yards. It was still 3'' off to the right. Only 3 shots to zero. 100 yard test next week after my shoulder gets a rest.

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