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Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by 1Popeye1, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. 1Popeye1

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    I have an SR22 (2 magazines came with it)
    I have a Mark lll hunter (2 magazines came with it)
    I have an LC9 (came with 1 magazine) no problem I'll buy one. cheapest I've seen anywhere is $30 + are you kidding me. $17.99 sounds reasonable to me. We love our Rugers, follow other owners purchases on the forum, take great pride in our ownership, I even look for Ruger hats and window stickers so that I can show my support. Maybe I'm a cheap but it just makes me mad how they gouge us when the only ones wanting to buy Ruger magazines are us loyal customers who love our Rugers. OK, I feel a little better now that I got that off of my chest. Ok someone, hurry up and show me your latest Ruger purchase so I can get all giddy as usual. Rugers are addictive . God I love em!!! ;)
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  2. FishyOne

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    If you can wait a month or two prices should be more reasonable in the spring. Right now is a very bad time to buy anything firearm related.

  3. bikeride4fun

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    I was looking for an extra 15 round magazine for my new SR40C....Ruger has them on backorder....there is a guy on ebay trying to sell one for $125.00......please.....whatever......
  4. bobkow1

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    Price GOUGING isn't the way to go. When all the hype, greed, and unrealistic grabbing of ammo, magazines, and the out of stock items at almost all retailers subsides, will we be able to purchase what we need at their regular prices. It's absurd that what the politicians are trying to do, resulting with the empty shelves and the greedy ones who are taking advantage of us. Hopefully this will end in the future.
  5. weblance

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    The SR22P and LC9 magazines have always been $35. They are high quality and are the heart of a well functioning pistol. They are made in Italy, and imported into the US. That increases the cost somewhat. Would you buy a New corvette, and when it came time for tires, put the $40 cheapies on it? Would you run E85 gasoline in it? The magazine is an incredibly important part of the pistol.
  6. ScottyShooter

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    Talk about price gouging, I finally found a 25rd Ruger(90361) mag for my 10-22 Carbine, but it is 65.00 bucks!!! Ruger has them on there web store for 30.00 but are backordered and don't know when they will get them in.
  7. pokerace

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    I think there in they just dinged my CC. Should have notice of shipping soon.