Bought, Iver Johnson "Sealed 8" .22 cal. Revo.

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    Got this gun and a nickle H&R .22 revo off an old, half senile man at a show over the weekend. he said they were his and his wife's HD guns and they could not use them anymoer. Wanted a bill for each. Settled for 70 each whch was more than he gave for them years ago. He was happy.

    I. J. is an 8 shot, pull pin, DA/SA revo. So caled the Target model "Sealed 8" with a 6" thin barrel. Shoots S, L. or LR. Sights are fingernail thin. Too thin for me to shoot. Gun was about 95% or better with a good Hunter leather holster.Gun worked great. H&R went to another gun trader for more than I goave for both of them.:D