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This was an end of the gunshow deal from an AR-15 parts dealer. He had taken it in trade on AR parts a few shows back. He had mags for it in stock, and wanted to send it to the mother ship to have it cleaned up. It was missing the diopter front sight and had a little discoloration on the receiver cover. He would let me have it for 2 bills with no mag. Kinda steep for no mag and no front sight. Offered 150 and maybe I could have it redone as they are guaranteed for lfe to any owner.

He said he had a bad show and was packing up like I was. He needed the 2 bills. I told him to dig up one of his hi-cap 15 round mags for it and a couple of AK mags and I could do the 2. He did, so it is mine now.

Gun workedfine. I can't see the iron sights anyway. Hope to put a scope on it but forgot to ask him for a scope base too. Next time, maybe.


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That sucker is sooooo fugly, :D
I have one in.45 acp, mine aint never failed to fire, I just dont get it out much, its so darn ugly.;):D

another good grab though.

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