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    I found some load data at Do any of you use Blue Dot in the calibers I load for? I load for 45 Colt, 45 ACP and 9mm. Hopefully I can find at least a couple other sources.

    Thanks in advance. I went lookin for powder yesterday but this is all I could find. I have some Unique coming. (I did find a good load for the 45 LC. I may just reserve the Blue Dot for least until it is used up.)

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use to use Blue Dot all the time in the Super Blackhawk I use to have. I used it with 300g XTPs.It didn't have near the recoil of the bullets I used 296 in.But I don't use Blue Dot now,now I use 2400.
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  3. shockmastermike

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    been using it many years in a 357
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    I have used Blue Dot before. But I could not find any reload data for the calibers that I was shooting. But I did go to their web site. Alliant is the company that makes Blue Dot. On their web site they do have a contact link. Just click on it and then you ask them the question you want an answer to. I've had to do it a few times and they got back to me within a day. When I asked the question they wanted to know all of the info about the bullet that I was going to be using. Weight, type, and the type of firearm I was going to be shooting it in. And someone as I said got back to me with the info in about a day. I might have to go to the Blue Dot powder that I still have if I'm not able to find the type that I'm now using. So I'm going to have to contact them to get the reload data from them for .45LC, .45acp, and again maybe for .357Mag. But I still have just over 1 lbs. of the powder that I'm using now. So I don't have to worry for awhile yet. But they will be more that happy to give you the data for reloading those calibers. Hope this helps you out. And just so you know almost all powder makers will give out reload data if you contact them and ask for it. Some will have a phone number to call and others will be like Alliant and have to do it online. They all also have reload data on their web sites too.