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Once again the 22 bug has bit me. They've been coming out of the woodwork this month. First a 6", Ruger Standard, then a High-Standard Sentinel, and yesterday this one.

Ruger Standard Auto, (sometimes called a MK I) 4" barrel, from 1974. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but it can be trade bait anyway.

A couple of scratches and dings, but not too bad I don't think.

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I guess my all time favorite caliber is .22. I won't even discuss how many I own but I'll post a picture of a 1967 that's in my desk. Over the years there's been come changes. Mine has the Ruger logo on the Left Grip (right is blank) the thumb button on the clip is on the right side. It was changed to the Left side and the Logo was moved to the right side.


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Got a hangup for the Ruger Mks too.

Standard 4" Mk II

A 5.5" Bull barrel stainless Mk II.

A 6 7/8" tapered bull barrel Mk I.

A 6 7/8" tapered bull barrel stainless Mk II

Had too many. Sold a 4" blue standard Mk I at the last gunshow. But that don't mean I won't buy another.:D
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