Best scope and scope mounting option for 10/22

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  1. bms375

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    I have just ordered a bsa sweet 22 3-9x40 scope and I am mounting it with a weaver multi slot scope base and weaver quad lock scope rings for my ruger 10/22, did I make a good purchase?
  2. Grizz12

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    To each his own...

    I like the forward mount scout style set up

  3. gwpercle

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    I always use Weaver bases and rings. Never had a problem with them, centerfire rifle, rimfire rifle, or handguns. You hardly ever hear of Weaver rings failing or letting a scope slip . You did fine on the base and rings.
    The scope I've never tried, BSA has a lot of products , been around for awhile and wouldn't still be in business if they didn't make an acceptable product with a decent warranty . Since it is a 22 specific scope it should be just fine. The photo and description certainly look good. I think you made excellent choice.
  4. Blkhawk73

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    Asking after the purchase? :confused:

    Personally, with the products of theirs I've hand experience with and with the customer service experience I had, I wouldn't take the gift of a BSA. I've seen better optical quality in Simmons. That's not saying a lot. ;)
    Some seem to like 'em and be that from actually having anything else to compare them to or just choosing them because of the looks vs price aspect :roll eyes: I'll never own one. Worth it to me to spend a bit more if necessary and get a Nikon or my preference, a Burris. As a minimum I go with a Mueller.
    the mount and rings...whatever appeals to you. The quad rings personally have a cheap look to them. Other than that, if they work...:)